Learning Centre

Each department at the RICS is designed to fit the students for the next level. The curriculum is individualized and integrated, seamlessly moving the students towards fulfilling their potential.

We have enough student learning Centers that are run by Supervisors. In case of big numbers, Monitors are available to assist the Supervisors.

The students enrolled at RICS are classified as:

Day Care
The infants and toddlers at RICS are exposed to the curriculum much more than baby sitting, It meets the distinctive and individual needs of an infant/toddler in a safe and naturing setting where a child can explore, develop skills and learn at the tender age. This setting prepares them to get ready for school.  Communication skills, music and movement, fine art programs, potty training etc. are core areas that are targeted.


Step By Step (3.5yrs – 4yrs)
The students are presented to a strong foundation year before entering pre-school(Grade R). their program re-enforces color, shape and number concepts and re introduces phonics, For fourteen themed booklets are designed to enable learners thrive in this program which incorporates the six learning development areas such as; Well being, identity and belonging, communication, exploring mathematics, creativity, knowledge and understanding of the world.


The Pre-School (Grade R)
The Preschool is a loving environment full of life and joy, where students follow a colourful programme of stories, songs and workbooks designed to increase their knowledge, listening and speaking skills and to teach them their letters and numbers. They learn through the fun activities that they are involved in daily. This is a programme that they can join until they are ready to take their Reading Readiness Test at a minimal pass mark of 80%. When the children test ready they progress to the ABCs class.



ABC’s / Grade One

Learning to read has become fun with our colorful phonics programme. Our children are learning to read and write letters with their animal friends and stories with exciting character building. They are learning through fun activities in a vibrant, loving environment. Here in the ABCs they build on the skills they learned in Preschool, learning to read phonetically, to write and to do simple maths. When the ABC’s pass their Post Test with complete mastery at 100%, they are ready to join Grade one, progressing at their own pace. They become Mini Infants, as they put into practice all that they have learned and begin their reading scheme. They will continue with the same core curriculum as they follow throughout the academy

The Infants in Grade one continue with five core subjects as they develop in responsibility, learning to set their own goals and score their own work with the assistance of the Supervisor / Monitor.  They learn to have a good understanding of who they are, where they come from and to develop self-control and self-esteem.


Intermediate Class

The Intermediates are laying down foundations of knowledge, skills and self-discipline for the future. They have a balance of individual and group work. One of their most crucial developments is learning to work independently and to play interdependently.

They work on their PACEs with an increased amount of responsibility and independence. They are constantly developing their communication skills through interactions with fellow students and staff. The Complementary Activities provide a wide selection of practical lessons that enrich the PACE work.

The Intermediates work in a variety of different settings with a range of group activities, also having their own personal space to concentrate in their own offices


The Upper learning center

The Upper students follow a higher, more complex level of the structured ACE programme.  They participate in lessons, present project work and Oral Reports and grow in confidence through group work and discussions. Students are always focused on setting their own goals and being responsible for their own work and achievement. They are working towards their entrance at university and we support them as they make their applications and prepare for interviews.



Health and Safety

At RICS, we make your child’s health and safety our top priority. Our standards are the highest in the industry, meeting or exceeding all local and state guidelines.

All of our early education and preschool centers include: