We help children engage their bodies and minds through fun and educational activities.

Our history

Redemption International Christian School was started on 23rd of September 2019 with 10 students and six parents who saw the need to address the gaps in the development of their children and desired a better approach towards the learning of their children. 


We observed that the mountain of Christian education a lot was still lacking hence RICS came in to close that gap. The mandate of educating our children is the responsibility of all parents which includes nurturing and promoting talent among children, emphasizing discipline and academic excellence. At RICS we use ACE curriculum which is Bible based. 


Educational Programs

Our educational programs embrace and aim at developing the child as a whole. We prepare students to be relevant in the changing world as we focus on society demands and market dynamics were creativity and talent development are key to success in the changing world.

We pride in a variety of activities interwoven in our academic programs. These include; – sports programs, a music academy, a language academy, digital media academy, academy of art and craft to mention but a few. 

We are among the few schools in Uganda to have a skill development program aiming at developing various survival and desirable skills at various levels of growth and development among students. 

We believe that God has told us:

Our Purpose

A phrase we often use when describing what we are building is, ‘the end product’. The end product is the student. We are seeking something excellent in the students who leave the school having graduated and gone through the system

The purpose and sole object of this school is to provide a Christian philosophy of education for elementary and high school students. We believe that education cannot take place in a moral vacuum and our programme will consequently have a strong Christian foundation and ethos.

Our objectives

For students:

  • That each one will grow in his/her faith to become an obedient disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • That each one will learn to serve and so find and follow God’s call on their life.
  • That they will strive for excellence in the gifts God has given them.

For parents:

  •  The school will assist the parents, whose primary responsibility it is, to bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of God.
  • Parents will participate in the life and work of the school in prayer and practical ways and in payment of fees.
  • Parents will support the staff in all aspects of the school life.

For staff:

  •  Each will be an exemplary disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and a consistent member of a local Church.
  • Each will have an appropriate professionalism and will function as a member of the staff team under the Head of School.
  • All staff will hold valid Professional Training Course certificates.
  • To teach and demonstrate Christian principles so imparting to students a Biblical worldview and lifestyle and a heart for Christian witness and mission.

For the School:

  •  The school will seek to be its best (in student achievement, facilities, staff and curriculum development) for God, to fulfil its agreement with Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) and to meet legal requirements.
  • That it will grow in itself and as a model for other like school’s in this region so as to commend the Gospel.